Depending on the type of construction

These containers can be moved and adapted to another location. Among its drawbacks we must take into account that these are small and narrow spaces . To meet habitability standards, a combination of several containers will be needed. The maintenance cost can be high since corrosion must be avoided at all costs with paints, additives and coatings. How to build a House with Containers step by step house-container-construction-crane Source: Shipping Container Homes Stage . Permits and Foundation Installation Before starting to build a container house, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permits .

The type of permits that a container house

Requires varies depending on its classification, that is, whether it is a movable or immovable property. In the case of real estate , a specific permit is required for construction. In addition, to build a house with containers, you must obtain the permits New Zealand Phone Number Data included in the Building Planning Law LOE, the Technical Building Code and the signature of an architect. If it is a movable property , only the permit referring to the location of the house is necessary. Once the permits have been obtained, construction can begin. The first thing is to prepare the ground . With the help of an excavator, the ground is leveled and the area where the foundations of the containers will be excavated.

In this area steel reinforcing bars are installed

Will be filled with concrete. But before filling, trenching must be done to install the necessary drains and pipes . Now to finish with the foundations, the excavated area is filled with concrete. Stage . Placement of the Container, polish the floor and cut Once Turkey Phone Number Data the foundations are ready, the next step to build a container. Depending on house is to unload and place the container on them with the help of a crane. It is important to ensure that they are well aligned and placed in the correct position. Now it’s time to turn the container into a home. The first thing is to remove the soil from the container. This part is usually made of plywood covered with a steel frame.

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