Experience exchange. Ukrainian business in Kazakhstan

The Webpromo team together with IAB Ukraine has prepared detailed overview of the Kazakhstan market. It contains up-to-date statistics on the e-commerce market, conditions for doing business. As well as information on how the economy of the Asian country works. For a more detailed understanding of how to properly enter the Kazakhstan market, we asked Ukrainian entrepreneurs who already have experience. Why you should choose Kazakhstan, what first steps to take and what difficulties await you – we have collected the main theses. Anna Kuznetsova, founder of a communications agency, shared her views Creative Space and Denis Mastikash, head of sales departmenti3 Engineering is a Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of smart home systems and devices for building automation. Content: Why Kazakhstan? Where to begin?

Peculiarities of mentality:

What is the difference between Ukrainian and Kazakh audiences Who is your competitor? Marketing in Kazakh – what is it like? Main challenges and difficulties What to take note of if you are entering the Kazakhstan market How to enter the Kazakhstan market? Marketing Read also : TOP 5 attractive global markets for Ukrainian business: which ones and Cell Phone Number List why? Why Kazakhstan? Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, local companies in Kazakhstan have refused to cooperate with Russia and are looking for new partners. For Ukrainian business, this is an opportunity to scale up and find partners in the Asian market. Kazakhs are open and friendly and support Ukraine. Denis: Our company was founded in 2018, sales in Ukraine began in January 2022.

Because of the full-scale war,

They began to look for partners abroad. In Kazakhstan, the market is saturated with Russian producers, which they are gradually abandoning. We examined the size of GDP and how quickly technology is developing in the country. The results showed that Australia Phone Number List the performance was high. Anna: The client for whom we carried out an advertising campaign in Kazakhstan had thought about scaling to the market before. The war stimulated and motivated to quickly look for ways out. Plus we already had connections, which simplified the task. We offered the client a comprehensive communications program: media projects, outdoor advertising campaign, and other channels. Represented a company producing processors for computers and laptops.

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