Learn in Detail About the Tool That Audits Your Website

Screaming Frog is a UK marketing agency. The company has two very useful tools for those who work with Digital Marketing. SEO Spider and Log File Analyzer. Below, we will better understand how they use those tools in their strategies and what their key features are. Search engine optimization requires. Therefore, the help of tools that are useful to SEO professionals. Learn in to capture valuable data and automate actions that would not be possible to perform manually . Therefore, And Screaming Frog has created two ideal tools for this.

What is Learn in Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a UK marketing agency. Founded in 2011. Therefore, The company was email contact list born from its most well-known tool: SEO Spider. It began development in 2010 to collect data, identify technical issues on websites, and support SEO recommendations. After the company was founded, SEO Spider was released to the public in 2011 with a free version and paid plans. From there, the tool began to become popular among the SEO community and became indispensable for many professionals. Therefore, Over the years, it has gotten new updates. Today, it is in version 12.0 which was released on October 22, 2019. In 2016, Screaming Frog released another tool widely used by SEO professionals: Log File Analyzer.

How Can Screaming Frog Help With SEO Strategies

Screaming Frog has become one of the most Gambling DAT recognized names in the SEO universe. Therefore, The tools created by the agency help professionals with valuable data about websites and Digital Marketing strategies . SEO Spider is its most well-known tool. It is an ideal website crawler for performing technical audits and supporting SEO decisions. Therefore, Using this tool you can. Log File Analyzer can also be very useful for your strategies, but it is a little more technical and not as popular as SEO Spider.

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