Welder or blowtorch to the holes cut in the container

Placing the frames can be done in stage , after the container has been cut. Once the door and window frames are in place and secured, the doors and windows are installed . If gaps are found between the frames and the doors or windows, spray foam insulation can be used to cover them. This foam will help seal all the small gaps in the construction, greatly reducing air infiltration and improving energy efficiency . Finally, in this stage, the kitchen and bathroom are covered . There is a wide variety of coatings and placing them on plasterboard is quick and easy. Stage . Connection to electricity and water The connection to the electrical network is carried out following the electrical plan .

This is an architectural document that tells construction

Workers where to place all electrical components. The first thing is to put the main electrical panel in place and connect it to the electrical network. After this, the plugs, lights and wiring are installed following the instructions on the electrical plan. The use of solar panels is recommended for this type of home, both for being ecological and for Philippines Phone Number Data their long life and low lack of maintenance. Connecting to water begins with the installation of the water meter, underground pipes, and water heater. From there, it’s just a matter of connecting all the pieces so that they reach the points where the water is needed, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

To finish this stage, the bathroom and kitchen

Sanitary fixtures are placed . Stage . Painting and final finishes After having covered the walls with the corresponding insulators , we proceed to paint them, both on the outside and below. Next, any spaces that may exist between the container and the Argentina Phone Number Data foundation are closed . It is possible to use spray foam and then cover it with a mixture of cement, fine sand and water to seal it. This not only serves to give it a beautiful finish, but also to prevent insects or other animals from hiding under the container. Regarding anchoring the container to the foundation, steel plates can be used. One of the main reasons for securing containers to the foundation is to prevent electrical.

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