We came up with the idea of ​​accepting customiz

 In the beginning. As an older couple. We tri to maintain the traditional idea of letting the store’s presence attract customers passing by on the streets.then. We opt to use social mia to market our business. And it works quite well. Through various social mia platforms. We can reach a large number of prospects to offer our products. We now offer delivery to customers across the city and this positively affects our sales. Additionally. We came up with the idea of accepting customiz cake orders as many of our customers show their interest in our products after posting them on facebook and twitter.


This breakthrough has help our business

 So, In effect, This breakthrough has help our business not asia email list only grow. But also expand by offering more products.” giuseppe milazzo giuseppe milazzo jeezeeh95 guiseppe is the founder of a new bootstrap tech startup call contacts . It’s the smartest and most convenient way to manage and use business cards digitally. While helping to ruce paper waste globally. Their covid-friendly app is available for free download in app stores. “with the covid disaster hitting the world. There has been a great ne for technology to keep us connect to colleagues.


They are difficult to store

 Teams and lov ones. For businesses that rely heavily on face-to-face Gambling DAT meetings or exhibitions. This has had a huge negative impact on how they generat more leads. Speaking on behalf of my tech startup. Contapp. We were able to turn this disaster into an opportunity. In the form of a mobile application for business. Dealing with print business cards has been the bane of my life as an individual. And i know many share this frustration. They are difficult to store. Require manual processes.


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