Two versions of each message one readable

In itself the semantic web is concerned with creating. Two versions of each message one readable for people and another for machines. for search engines, social platforms or mobile applications. So that? So that the devices can better understand that information and thus give us better answers to our questions or make inferences. We cannot close this section without first clarifying two concepts that are mistakenly confused: the semantic web and the so-called web 3.0. The first covers the activities that seek to explain to machines everything we publish in the digital world. The second refers to the environment in which applications exchange and process the available data.

Called the internet of things refers to the

The internet of things the initiative. Called the internet b2b email list of things refers to the world’s intention to connect everyday objects to the internet. This would allow these objects to be identified and managed by other machines. Why is this useful? Simple, because our behavior can be documented and unmet needs predicted. If my refrigerator can keep track of the rate at which i consume milk, that information will be useful to me and the supplier. This solves two problems: (i) the producer will be able to better plan his production based on my consumption dynamics and (ii) my supply will always be guaranteed — all discussions about privacy that derive from this market logic are welcome.

But in this article we are not discussing

In fact, we have them too. But in this article we Gambling DAT are not discussing them we are simply stating the concept. As an idea, the internet of things was proposed by kevin ashton at the mit auto-id center in 1999. Originally, what was sought was that machines would interact with each other to offer us useful and interesting benefits. A plausible proposal in its beginnings that today has many detractors – due to discussions about the ownership and use of the data obtained. Recommended article 5 digital marketing questions for business leaders.

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