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The username is the web address use for your page and will display in the url when you share the link or when people search for you. Facebook auto-generates a username if you don’t choose one and usually throws a few random numbers in there. So it’s best to eit this yourself if you want it to reflect your brand accurately. Choose something similar to your page name to keep it consistent and searchable. To update your username. Go to your page menu and select settings. Under general page settings. You’ll see the option to eit your username. General page settings name and username save changes and test your new username by entering the url in another tab. Review business details for accuracy another important. Step to take when optimizing your realtor facebook.

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Page is to review your contact and business details regularly. Make sure your business details are completely up to date to ensure freshness and accuracy. The last thing you want is for a potential client to send an email to an old address. Get a bounce back. And then move on to another agent. If you’ve switch business lead brokerages. Update that info accordingly. Add your new email. Website. Logo. And headshot. If you’ve forme a team. Consider noting that on your page and making the appropriate changes. Add a call-to-action button let’s say a potential homebuyer discovers your real estate page. They do a quick scan. Like what they see. And want to take the next step with you as their potential agent.

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What’s their next step. Should they call you. Fill out a form on your website. Whatever you want them to do next is your page’s call-to-action cta. A cta is essential to have on any realtor’s facebook page if you want to generate real leads and not just likes. If you haven’t already set up your page’s cta. Let’s walk through how to do that. Click on the icon with the three small dots in the right corner of your page. 

Select add action Gambling DAT button. Add action button there are several actions to choose from depending on the type of business you have. For real estate agents. The action you’ll likely want visitors to take is to contact you. With the action button. You can choose how they can contact you. Whether by sending a message on facebook or emailing.

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