Transportation is easy and sustainable

Disassembled without causing environmental impact . The design of the Drop Pod model was inspired by the organic shapes of nature. Which creates a harmony with the surrounding environment. This incredible model is part of the microarchitecture collection of the In-Tena firm. It is currently available in two models , one for adult couples or another to accommodate a family. What stands out in this mobile prefabricated house model is its huge windows, designed to let in natural light and favor the view you choose to have. If you like the nomadic life and want to visit different places with your house in tow, a mobile prefabricated house is the alternative you need.

The high demand for these homes has caused

Market to grow in offers and there are more and more truly incredible and interesting options. From versatile, modern, compact models to sustainable and energy efficient models. You just have to choose the model that best suits your needs, tastes and UK Phone Number Data budget.They have a good thermal insulator that allows you to save up to on heating. The prices of prefabricated concrete homes are approximately euros per square meter, for a range of simple construction, without personalized designs per module and quick assembly. A concrete house of square meters could cost euros.

They have a useful life of to years and are usually

Resistant to earthquakes and winds. Comfort . Folding house parts are in a factory and shipped to the final destination for assembly. Transportation economics . Folding houses are completely  shipping volume Oman Phone Number Data during transportation and cost. Finally, they have numerous applications from homes, schools, stores, recreational centers, warehouses, workshops and can even serve as temporary housing for those people who have lost their homes due to natural causes. What do you think of this type of construction? Do you like the idea of ​​living in a folding house? Or would you prefer it as a vacation home? Tell us in the comments.

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