This means that visually impaired people

Cannot differentiate them, creating an accessibility problem . This is the case of the city of Puebla in Mexico , where the podotactile guides have been unusable since last year. No glue is required for assembly as it is held together by a fabric cover. These covers are also made from leftover upholstery fabrics that are collected during furniture production. The result is a random color palette among which reds, blues, greens and grays stand out. This range of four colors was determined after being. Identified as the most common upholstery colors used by the Offecct company. Even the end caps are die-cast from recycled. Aluminum from beverage cans and are completely reusable and recyclable.

Aluminum-soundstick-cap Source: Offecct

Create rooms within other rooms These tubes that are stacked side by side to create. Sound insulation from scratch that can also be used as room dividers . Being a modular ceiling mounted solution , they can be hung at different heights to complement South Africa Phone Number Data seating areas or tables of variable heights. Thus offering greater flexibility for interior design . This innovative and sustainable design of acoustic panels has already. Won various awards such as the Interior Design Best of Year Award, Green Good Design Award and the Dezeen Awards Shortlist. Of course, the development of sustainable alternatives using. Ecological materials is making its way into the world of sustainable construction.

In the future we may even see the use of mushrooms

Soundproofing material .Connections and plumbing from being severed in the event of earthquake shaking. container-houses-night Source: Latinys In short. Building a container house step by step is not much different from building a traditional El Salvador Phone Number Data house. You simply have to take into account the characteristics of the containers and know how to adapt them to turn them into a home. Of course, what undoubtedly makes the difference. Is the reduction of costs in materials and labor, in addition to its speed . In Spain, the construction of this type of housing has already been promoted in places like Barcelona. With the construction of twelve apartments for families in vulnerable situations.

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