This grew into several hundr google searches

 “ our biggest business breakthrough that l to rapid business growth was to target 0 volume keywords. We have since become the fastest growing vegan blog on the web – with a dr39 and 70.000 monthly visitors – doing something different. The catch: in the past. We would only target keywords if they had at least ±10 monthly google volumes. In the time i’ve join the team. I’ve discover that over 1 in 5 google searches have never been done before. So i thought… why not start targeting 0 volume keywords? Even now.

This grew into several hundr google

 If you go to our website and analyze our seo. You will see that we rank europe email list for many keywords that. Statistically. Have 0 searches per month. The surprising results: in short. 0 volume keywords actually deliver traffic. An example is the phrase “where to find chia ses in grocery stores.” when we were writing an article on the topic . The keyword had 0 traffic on google. Over time. This grew into several hundr google searches per month. Of which we get 200.


On his blog he provides in-depth guides

daniel carter daniel carter zippyelectrics daniel carter is the founder Gambling DAT of zippy electric . On his blog he provides in-depth guides and reviews on a variety of electronic gadgets for riding. He also enjoys his 25-minute morning commute aboard his trusty electric scooter and shares his passion for good rides with his two teenage sons and readers of his blog. “i own a coffee shop with my wife. However. It is my wife who runs it most of the time. As i work in hr in the financial sector.


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