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This will allow you to preict their future buying behaviors and cater to them accordingly with a more targete, structure sales and marketing approach. Some important sources of customer data are: Website analytics – Where are your customers interacting on your site? What pages drive traffic? Where are conversions happening? Social meia – What social meia channels are customers reaching out or engaging on? Are customers using social commerce and if so why and where? Emails – What emails are people interacting with?

We’re nowhere near doing that now.

If you have workflows where are people falling off or clicking through? Customer feeback – What are customers saying about your product or service? What queries or complaints are being made? Transactions – What are people purchasing? What are people abandoning? Are they latest database  buying more than one product? How often are they returning? Interactions – If you have a quiz or interactive element on your site, what are the results? What are people doing after answering the questions? Intent – What are people searching for online that relates to your products or services? What are the search queries? What keywords are being use? The insights derive from customer analytics will facilitate reuce campaign costs, as you can optimize your targeting and deliver marketing messages more effectively to the customers most likely to respond in a positive manner.

And it will better understand the content on the Web.

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You’ll also be able to maximize customer loyalty and positive sentiment, by delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time. All of this should Gambling DAT  culminate in increase sales and ROI. Why Choose DMI? 2. Send Personalize & Relevant Emails Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels you can use to communicate with and engage customers. It’s a direct and personal channel (using first-party data) that allows you to foster a sense of loyalty and nurture relationships more quickly and easily than other digital channels.


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