The novel model was designed by the Lumicene

Brand in conjunction with Saint-Gobain. To give more drama to the house, they a curtain that covers the entire window. Through which the passage of sunlight inside can be . The external walls of this circular mini house have black Douglas lining , a Japanese technique that is traditionally used in that culture to treat wood. When the glass of the large window closes, the construction transforms. Into a comfortable refuge that you can place in the middle of nature. Bridge House bridge-house-bridge-house Source Archello. The next modular construction model that we present to you is located in California .

The peculiarity of the house is that it crosses

Stream with an area that exceeds meters . It is available on the market under the name Bridge House , designed by Dan Brunn. It is a design that defines dynamic architecture . The entire construction is designed to have a deep relationship with Malaysia Phone Number Data nature, and it is also a design committed to sustainability . It is strategically oriented so that the house is self-sustaining . The windows, the floor and ceiling with transparent. The novel model the plant curtains that replace the walls, give the house characteristics similar to those of a tree. This modern model includes a heated pool, with an adjustable. Temperature that works through photovoltaic panels located on the roof.

Office or guest room?

Amazon’s Prefabricated Modular Construction Source ThisisWhymBroke You find it in eCommerce under the name ÖÖD Home Office. Modern lightweight and compact prefabricated modular construction offered by the online Romania Phone Number Data commerce giant, Amazon for less than , euros . It is a versatile design. Works great as an. The novel model office attached to your usual home, but it also serves as a room to host your guests on special occasions. The combination of materials they chose for this prefabricated house is very simple. The structure is made of wood , while the façade is covered with reflective glass .

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