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The message ipsum dolor sit amet, A book written by samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo in the th century. In short, the book is about opting for structural simplification. Likewise in your Google Ads account! While a few years ago we split up every campaign to the last detail, in the motto is to centralize as much data as possible. Especially for campaigns with an automate bidding strategy. The more data you provide the algorithm, the more accurately the algorithm can determine the right bid and combination of your ad. The consulting agency may: carry out financial and tax audits, advise on legal matters, advise on strategic issues purchase and sale of enterprises.

There should be a visible distinction

Companies and assets, restructuring and privatisation), keep the books, optimize the costs of running a business, conduct employee training and motivational workshops, manage human resources, optimize specific processes relate to the photo editor functioning of the company. Many of the above elements are closely relate, which is why consulting companies often provide comprehensive consulting services. What areas of activity of consulting agencies do we distinguish? Consulting agency – areas of activity Strategic consulting Strategic consulting, from the English management consulting or strategy consulting, is a department of economic consulting, including comprehensive preparation for running a business.

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It was create along with the development of management as a response.  To the nee for increase efficiency and more efficient planning of corporate strategies. The first consulting company was establishe.  At the end of the 19th century to be precise.  On the initiative of Arthur D. Little, a chemist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The founder of the organization was suppose to deal with difficult business problems that entrepreneurs could not cope with. Little did not want to systematize the consulting Gambling DAT process. He focuse on an individual approach to each case. Interestingly, the company still operates today as an international consulting agency.

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