The Ecopinttors paint pot is white

You want to add color you must buy the natural pigments for .. Images of Ecopinttors Ecological paints are sold in Spain and Latin America. Although there is always the option of buying ecological paint online . On the Internet we can always compare prices and find cheap ecological paint . Benefits of Ecological Paint over. Synthetic Paint Ecological paints are much better than synthetic ones, their two main benefits are derived precisely from their ecological and natural composition : Ecological paints mineral and natural synthetic paints They do not harm the environment because they are made with raw materials.

They use chemicals and volatile organic

Compounds that harm the environment. The synthetic paints that we are used to using are made completely synthetically, with heavy materials mercury, lead, cadmium… and volatile organic compounds VOC such as acetone. You only Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data need to look at the label of these products to realize that they are not very friendly to the environment and that they release many toxins. Ecological paints are not made with harmful materials, but with raw materials of plant or mineral origin silicates, lime and clay that do not leave harmful waste. Ecological paints mineral and natural synthetic paints.

Do not seriously harm health

They harm health: respiratory tract, skin and eyes Synthetic paints are not only harmful to the environment due to the amount of toxins they contain. They are also bad for people’s health: skin, respiratory tract and eyes mainly. This is India Whatsapp Number Data due to the large amount of solvent that these paints contain. When used, the solvent evaporates and releases volatile chemical residues. This process can last for days, or for months if the room has textile materials. Ecological paints do not affect health. Furthermore, the only ones that give off aromas are ecological vegetable paints and mineral clay paints .

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