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The emergency looks like. If your organization does not have any video material or a tool for iting videos Google Ads enables you to make videos from still images. These quick videos can be made inside the Ads tool using Google templates. There are dozens of animat templates with different looks in the selection. Three to four images are enter into the chosen template copy text is written on the screens within the limits of the number of characters and a music track is select from a selection of about a hundr songs.

Take contact Why is vertical

Video the trend of the moment and how can a business benefit from this trend Why is vertical video trending strongly right now and how can your business harness business database the power of vertical videos Jussi Riekki CEO of Rulla Media talks about the topic. JUSSI RIEKKI Although there are countless publishing platforms each one seems to be united by one publishing format namely the short vertical video. How on earth did this format that democratizes all social channels come about and how can a company make the most of the new video

Trend A brief history

Of vertical video Vertical videos started to become popular in 2011 when Snapchat was released. In Snapchat now Snap for the first time many were able to publish and view vertical videos that beautifully filled the entire surface of the phones screen. This also started a new era which made it possible to shoot and edit videos only with a phone. Snap launched advertising tools in 2015 and began encouraging marketers to produce short vertical videos. And vertical videos were produced because they gave better results than

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