Sunscreens also called parasols are systems

Help prevent overheating of the home due to the sun . sunscreens-architecture These protection systems are usually found on the façade. Protecting the windows because they are the weakest point. As the windows are the weakest point, the most efficient solar protection systems are the exterior ones, as they also protect the glass from the sun’s rays. The Importance of Passive Windows Efficient and passive windows are the key element of a passive home to capture solar radiation and use it to achieve natural light and heat rooms in winter naturally.


On south-facing facades , the holes in the facade allow more. Solar gain in winter and less in summer, allowing light to enter all year round. The position and size of the windows depend on the needs of each home and the solar. Protection elements that Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data prevent the sun from entering in summer and allow it in winter. At the same time, the windows are weak points of the façade , their poor choice or installation can. Cause a large number of thermal bridges that prevent adequate sealing of the home. Which is why it is very important to install quality windows. And choose a trusted company to install them and guide us in your purchase.

Windows are also one of the weakest elements in summer

Where the heat passes more, so they deserve. Special attention in terms of their sun protection systems to save. Energy in the air conditioning or other cooling system that is installed. employ _ Solar Protection for Facades and Windows in Homes Below, we Denmark Phone Number Data Data present. The solar protection elements that can be placed on windows and facades . Awnings It serves perfectly to protect the home from direct sunlight in summer and can be closed in winter to allow the sun to enter. There are automated awnings, with operating programs and rain sensors that facilitate their use depending on the needs of the home.

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