Save The House Advisory Council and the pilot networks

Level : escalation to the rest of Europe with the promotion of European organizations UIPI, ICLEI which are the ultimate goal of Save The Homes. Therefore, the Save The Homes project with its services and expansion strategies seek to facilitate and promote housing renovation in favor of efficiency , health and the environment. Spanish teams registered in the European Save the Homes Project Font IStock Since mid- , Spain and more specifically the Valencian Community , have been participating in this initiative through multiple associations and cooperating companies. Among them, the participation of Valencia Climate and Energy stands out .

This is the organization that leads the pilot

City of Valencia, so they are in charge of offering one-stop services for the rehabilitation of buildings. The foundation ensures a guaranteed full renewal process, which will provide satisfaction to Valencian citizens. Likewise, another institution that is Israel Phone Number Data part of the project, also in Valencia, is the Valencian Building Institute . This institution, which has years of history, is dedicated to research into quality and sustainability in construction processes. The IVE has professionals who provide their ideas and knowledge in the field of construction. And so up to organizations from different countries have.

Come together to coordinate the development

Save The Homes project in order to help in the efficient renovation of homes. What do you think of this project for home renovation? Would you like to renovate your home? Tell us in the comments!On the one hand, the blisters that contain them USA Phone Number Data will go in a yellow container . On the other hand, the contact lenses themselves will go in the gray or dark green container . Where are the masks thrown away? masks-everyday-waste Masks have become another daily waste in homes around the world. Along with the gloves , the surgical masks will be placed in the gray or dark green container .

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