Online psychologist how does it work advantages and where to find it

And others that are not so obvious, such as agility in service, saving time and money by not having to go to the office. Whatever your motivation for seeking this type of assistance, it is worth continuing to read this article. In the next topics, I present tips for finding the right professional and the rules for operating the online consultation . Also check out a step by step to schedule yours on the Morsch platform . How does an online psychologist work  The service provided by the online psychologist works through information and communication technologies .

Psychology requires professionals

Without a doubt, the internet is the most popular today, as it reaches a third of the world’s population. According to UN data, the world wide web adds up to 5.3 billion users on the planet and still has plenty of room for growth among the other 2.7 Denmark Cell Phone Number List billion. In this scenario, several services are offered online with the same quality as face-to-face assistance. As long as they comply with specific standards. In the case of consultation with a psychologist in Brazil, the Federal Council of Psychology requires professionals to register in the e-Psi system in order to maintain adequate assistance.


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Pursuant to Resolution

In this way, the CFP supervises the services provided, collaborating, for example, with the use of duly regulated psychological instruments . Pursuant to Resolution CFP 11/2018 , synchronous or asynchronous online queries Gamblingdat are authorized. I talk about them further on. The legislation also establishes the following exceptions for online psychological assistance Assistance to people and groups in urgent and emergency situations . Assisting people and groups in emergencies and disasters Assistance to people and groups in situations of violation of rights or violence.

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