What it is and how much Google Meet costs

What is Google Meet  In this article we will see the Google Meet video calling tool. Who can use it, how to use it and the requirements to use this. Meet costs professional platform to hold video conferences. what it is and With the confinement of much Google professionals and companies for more than a month. Many companies have had to look for alternatives to Therefore, remain in contact with their professionals and clients, as well as provide alternative services to those they were offering in person.

And that's why the rise of

Therefore, Zoom and other video conferencing platforms . In my case, to continue teaching online classes. One of my clients has opted for a more professional tool, Google Meet . I had not tried it yet, I have company data always used the free version of Google, the classic. Hangouts  and the truth is I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the video conferencing and. The options it offers us and that is why I am going to tell you about this platform, in case you are a professional or. Company and are looking for something more advanced than Zoom (and avoid the problems it has caused) and that offers. Better features for your company, clients and services. The truth is that it is already a few years old, since they launched the tool.

What it is and aroused much Google

Great interest as, for example, Google Hangouts did, perhaps because it is a payment platform. However, with the crisis we are experiencing due to not being. Able to go to Gambling DAT our jobs, its fame is growing exponentially, as are other platforms  for making video calls or video conferences such as Zoom . Therefore, So you can see the interest in Google Meet, in the first week of April more than 2,000 million. Minutes of video calls were made with this platform. such as organizing meetings with a larger number of people live broadcasting and recording. From that date on, Google Meet features will once again correspond to the edition that customers have. Whether it is G Suite Basic, G Suite Business or G Suite for Education Centers.

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