Know Where Your Business Market Is Located

Next, you need to know where your business market is located. In other words, you have to know where the customer isn spent the most time. Is it in online shops, social media, or something else? That way, you can reach them easily and closer.

Do Direct Selling with Storytelling Unique Features of Your Business

Storytelling is one way you can do if you want to involve customers in sales activities. You only need to add a story that can add value to the product and/or service being sold. When they feel interested, they are more likely to buy it and share the experience with others. Here you can get two things at once. The first is getting profit, and the second is getting promotions for free from these customers.

Broadly speaking, there are many products and/or services sold in the market that have significant similarities. Then what can differentiate Hungary Mobile Number List your business from similar competitors? Show your distinct business style and image in marketing channels. Starting from social media accounts, blogs, websites, or others.

Don’t Forget Follow Up
Customer follow up is also part of the direct selling strategy. Have you ever experienced rejection when you first offered a product and/or service to a customer? Maybe it wasn’t the right time for the customer to buy it. If you keep following up and offering the same products and/or services, chances are they will make a purchase in the end. However, don’t forget to provide other added value. Such as discount coupons, attractive purchase promos, and more.

Use Social Media
Social media is one of the best marketing and sales tools in today’s digital era. Here, you can create or find customer communities. The direct selling strategy that you can do is to create content that suits their needs. This aims to gain their trust and also involve them in promotional activities. With a note, you use a social media account that fits your target audience, OK!

Use Cross Promotion in Direct Selling
Cross promotions or strategic partnerships can help you establish business relationships with other businesses. For example, like collaborating on your product with product B. Indirectly, this can provide benefits and reduce marketing costs at the same time. In addition, you also build more network.

Build Network LocallyHighlight Reviews and Testimonials from Customers

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Not only cross promotion or social media, but you also need to build a network locally. Usually you can find this network at certain events that gather many similar businesses. Here you will meet other business people and be able to build a wider network.

Reviews and testimonials from customers are one of the basic foundations for direct selling. What you need to remember and pay attention to is “customers trust other customers”. That is, if there are customers who provide good reviews and testimonials, then you must highlight them as one of social proof. This can help increase sales and also generate more positive reviews.

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Improve Your Business Direct Selling with Complete Digital Service Solutions
Data is one of the most important resources Gamblingdat for doing business. Without customer data, you will be blind. Don’t know where to sell products and/or services, don’t know who the target audience is, and don’t know what strategy to implement. To make things easier, you can entrust customer data to third parties who provide the most complete digital service solutions. Benefit One Indonesia is one of them.

Benefit One Indonesia is here as a Complete Digital Loyalty Solution for your business. We have experience since 2014 and have been trusted by more than hundreds of large companies around the world. We offer smart solutions to maintain your connection or collaboration with business partners. Looking for a digital reward system? Get unlimited loyalty and rewards by using our app.

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