Know the Price of the Passive House you are looking for

When we talk about a passive house and justify its price, we are referring to a particular type of building that optimizes energy savings. Bioclimatic design and thermal insulation are the two most important factors when designing this type of low energy consumption homes. It is said that the energy savings for passivhaus homes would be around compared to traditional designs. In passivhauses, the use of insulating materials is essential, as is a design that foresees the orientation and distribution of the space according to the particular place where it is located. However, it must be taken into account that these involve certain costs other than the usual ones.

Therefore in this article we present

Guide to the price of a passive house that could be found on the market. passive-house-price Thermal Insulation in Passive Houses The great insulation that these houses have is one of the key factors. As a result, heating and air conditioning savings. Know the Price are substantial during the cold and hot seasons respectively. This is obtained by minimizing the so-called Cambodia Phone Number Data thermal transmission. Its maximum value should be . W/mK. This effect is achieved, among others, through materials based on concrete. In this way, not only insulation is achieved, but also great durability and robustness of the home. Additionally, there are elements that are part of this type of housing, such as photovoltaic solar panels.

In this sense, the prices of these panels are around

Traditional Versus Passive Housing It makes no sense to make cost comparisons between traditional and passive housing. In this case, the important thing is to request quotes for your passive house project from specialized professionals, and in Chile Phone Number Data this way, determine which ones offer you the best options. In the long term, a passive house will offer greater benefits than those obtained with a common one. Beyond comfort, we could save considerable money. Know the Price for heating and cooling. How to Concretize the Idea of ​​a Passive House? The first thing we must consider is what we want, as well as the scope of the project (including the ecological) and the capital we have.

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