stomach burning know symptoms causes and how to treat

Are you feeling a burning in your stomach and it worries you? Sometimes, it is a reflection of specific problems, such as poor digestion. In these cases, the condition appears rarely, in general after large meals or ingestion of foods that irritate the walls of the organ. However, attention needs to be redoubled when the symptom becomes frequent and is associated with other types of discomfort, such as stuffing, nausea and vomiting . In these cases, the patient should seek medical help so that its origin is investigated, avoiding health complications.

Stomach burning symptoms

And if you need immediate assistance, wait no longer: access our 24-hour clinical service and talk to a doctor now . Stomach burning symptoms In fact, burning in the stomach itself can be a symptom of a disease of the digestive tract. It is perceived Canada Mobile Number List as a burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen. Where the connection between the stomach and the esophagus is located. There are those who also feel a pain that radiates to the chest and throat , depending on the source of this discomfort.


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Herbal teas can also serve

What’s good for a burning stomach? As I mentioned in the introduction to the text, burning in the stomach does not always signal an illness. There are mild cases that can be alleviated with simple measures, such as drinking cold water . Eating a peeled apple and raising the head of the bed, avoiding a horizontal position. Herbal teas can Gamblingdat also serve as a home remedy for heartburn and indigestion, using espinheira-santa, fennel or tanchagem. Ginger can also work to combat the burning in the stomach. Prefer to prepare the hot drink using the leaves of the plants boiled for a few minutes.

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