Keep Users on Your Site Longer One Thing

One thing you want to avoid is having users bounce around your page.

But what on earth is a pogo stick ?

Pogo-sticking refers to when a Google user clicks into a site and then ‘pogo-sticks’ back into the search results to find better sources that actually help them.

The problem is that Google doesn’t ‘approve’ pogo sticks. When someone plays a pogo stick, it sends a powerful message to Google. It’s something like “This user doesn’t like this page.”

If users are not satisfied with a page, Google will remove its ranking.

So how can you keep your users on your site longer and not bounce?

First, you should use a lot of bullets and subheadings.

This is One of the Most Overlooked Seo Tips

The idea is that when users search for high-level terms like ‘metadata management’, they are typically looking for definitions.

And by now you’ve probably noticed that on the first page Ws Data of Google, search results for definition terms are most likely to answer the question “What is X?”

For example, if you search for ‘metadata management’, two of the top three results are answers to this question: These are answers to the question “What is metadata management?

If your content is easy to understand, people will spend more time on your site. There’s a whole Nielsen study on how people read web content in an F-shaped pattern. Bullets and subheadings make your content much easier to read.

Get Backlinks From Visuals Imagine a World

Now you need to find pages that use images for their intended purpose but without links. This may take some time as you have to manually check each one. There are no shortcut keys for this action.

As you screen them, send each one a friendly Gambling DAT email asking them to add a link to the original image source.

You can then use Backlink Monitor to see if that site is linking to your site or if the link is broken.

There is evidence.

Additionally, it can include various forms of multimedia, such as: But there is still something we can do. Most people are happy to connect you if you ask nicely.

If you plan on posting a lot of visual content, spend some time on this activity. Before you know it, you will have accumulated a ton of backlinks.

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