What is the difference between Ukrainian and Kazakh audiences

The Ukrainian and Kazakh peoples are quite close because of the unpleasant common past – the USSR. But we can also see advantages in this – our processes and approaches to doing business are similar, which means it will be easier to integrate into the existing economic system of the country. You can use the same tools of influence and interaction with the client.

However, there is a difference in mentality. Kazakhstan has a slow pace of life compared to Ukraine. Denis: In Kazakhstan, no one is in a hurry – you need to accept this feature of their mentality. Therefore, processes are often delayed. People mostly use Russian VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, Facebook or LinkedIn are not popular.

Now we are focused on 2 audiences:

The first are integrator companies that already have experience installing smart home systems. The second are electricians who have no experience Cell Phone Number List in installing smart home systems, but who know how to lay electrical networks and want to develop. Anna: Kazakhs, like Ukrainians, are a little lazy, they don’t want to take too many steps to get something. The text should be simple, with a minimum number of characters. Even better is a short video. For Ukrainian entrepreneurs, this is an opportunity to enter the market on time, share their knowledge and develop. Depending on the niche, the competition will be different. In this matter, it is better to do a competitor analysis and conduct research.

Kazakh websites use simple CMS,

Therefore, since most of them have been developed a long time ago and do not support modern technologies. Photos can be placed on a white background. If you want something atypical, the price tag immediately increases several times. Kazakhs Australia Phone Number List experiment less and will choose to act according to a template. Although, in my opinion, it is a matter of time. Competition exists in any country. However, in Kazakhstan there is an opportunity to develop in those niches that are not occupied. At this stage, the Kazakhs are in the process of leaving Russia’s influence, which will lead to a lack of experience. 

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