Integration of Podotactile Surfaces in Architecture to Increase Accessibility

You’ve probably seen brightly colored tiles on subway sidewalks. Bus stations, trams, and other public places. These tiles are marked with small reliefs and are in places that seek to be accessible to people with visual disabilities. The integration of these podotactile surfaces in Architecture is to increase accessibility . However, people do not know the meaning. Behind these podotactile tile designs. Most think that they are for decorative purposes. The reality is that they serve as a guide for people with visual disabilities . Accessibility is not only a characteristic of outdoor spaces, it has also been mandatory in buildings since December .

In this article we will discuss the integration

Tactile surfaces to increase accessibility. The meaning of tactile pavements and how they are implemented in urban design. The problem of Accessibility in Urban Architecture Accessibility is a quality of the environment. Considered to qualify cities as smart cities . Applying accessibility concepts in urban architecture means ensuring that all Russia Phone Number Data people, with or without disabilities, can access urban public spaces. Mobility in the urban environment , its perception and understanding are more difficult tasks for those people with a physical or sensory disability. There are many obstacles. That force to modify their route, in many cases putting their safety at risk.

Unfortunately in most cases accessibility

Cities is limited to people with physical disabilities. In this case, people with visual disabilities the incorporation. Of tactile elements in urban design to improve their movement. This is how podotactile surfaces arise. What are Podotactile Cambodia Phone Number Data Surfaces or Tiles? yellow-podotactile-surface Source: Mental Floss According to the Accessibility Institute. The integration of tactile surfaces in urban design increases and guarantees universal accessibility. These podotactile tiles are as surfaces. With reliefs so that can warn or recognize possible dangers on the road. They also serve as guides to indicate the correct path to follow.

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