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What type of tax is the VAT? The VAT is an indirect tax, which is initially collect by the taxpayer who makes the sale; However, it is on the buyer of goods or services that this burden falls. It is important to mention that this tax, like other taxes, contributes to paying for public spending, specifically it finances public works to cover the basic nes of our society. What happens if the VAT is ruc? svg E The ruction of the VAT , as some propose, would result in a lack of budget for the execution of public works aim at improving infrastructure, health, ucation and other services of vital importance for the Peruvian state.

Improvement Incorporate

According to the latest reports from the Superintendency of Tax Administration, VAT collection reach 6,978 million soles, an amount that implies business lead an increase of 9.4% compar to what was register in April 2021 and an additional 1,072 million in income. On the other hand, the Peruvian government has been proposing some exonerations; such is the case of the VAT appli to basic foodstuffs; Therefore, the Ministry of Economy and Finance publish a list of assets; It is worth mentioning that such VAT exemption will apply from May 1 to July 31, 2022.

Market Analysis Techniques and

 It is public knowlge that the effects have not been as expect; because products such as chicken and bread have remain at their prices. The Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) assures that the VAT exemption will not have an immiate impact on the final prices of the products; Therefore, it is expect that Gambling DAT the positive effects will be a month and a half after the regulation is issu. In this sense, it is expect that tax collection will not be affect by the latest government measures; However, we should analyze the latest reports that institutions or organizations specializing in the subject can offer us; Without a doubt, what is expect is that the government continues to ensure infrastructure, health, ucation and other vital services for the Peruvian people.

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