Find out the details about the European Save the Homes Project

Save The Homes is a European project started in mid- that has a subsidy. From the European Union’s Horizon research and innovation program , which has contributed nearly . million in funding to the project . Reasons for the creation of the European Save The Homes Project. The promoters of Save The Homes explain that the main reason. That led them to create the project is the need for investment in housing renovation . This lies in the importance of this aspect both for the environment and the economy , as well as for people’s quality of life . Some of the main reasons are: The renovation of homes in a context of aging stock. In which only of the buildings have efficiency certificates.

And the rehabilitation of homes has become

Primary issue for improving energy efficiency, as well as for economic sustainability. Improve people’s health and ultimately save lives, since unrenovated houses can cause major health problems and reduce the quality of life for the people who live in them. Rehabilitation for an improvement Iran Phone Number Data not only in quality of life, but also in comfort and energy efficiency . Stimulate the demand for renovated homes so that the very low home renovation rates are increased. The project is currently underway, since its beginning in. A duration of years was planned to achieve its objectives in housing renovation in an easy and affordable way.

The model of their project is based on the one-stop

Service with which to advise and put professionals in contact with people interested in efficiently renovating their homes. In addition, the European Save The Homes project offers a series of services that help people in their process of renovating Switzerland Phone Number Data and adapting their homes to new times and environmental needs. Project Save the Homes Service Plan save-the-homes Source: Technical evaluation They will put professionals in contact and advise on the energy efficiency of the home through an evaluation. The main objective of this is to find the best solution for each personalized case.

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