Ecological Straw Houses Construction Systems and Examples

Thatched houses are a very good purchase option since they have many advantages. such as their long durability and low economic cost. Houses made with straw can also be Ecological Houses and can even be passive houses . A bioconstruction professional knows that straw is a good sustainable. Material for the construction of ecological houses . since it is a very versatile. natural and easy-to-use material. In most cases. building a home with straw is based on using it as thermal and acoustic insulation. since a straw house has surprising energy savings. With all this. it is clear that a straw house has nothing to envy concrete houses or wooden houses .

Construction with straw is a very interesting

Topic due to its various construction. Systems and the fact that straw is very easy to use. The different systems are presented below. Straw when compressed into bales is stronger than it appears at first glance. ecological-straw-houses USA WhatsApp Number Data Construction of Straw Houses Straw houses. Nebraska or supporting system. This construction system of straw houses is the oldest and simplest. It appeared on the plains of Nebraska around and was used as temporary houses. until it was realized that straw houses were stronger than they seemed. that they were easy to work with and cheap.

This construction system consists of load-bearing

Walls made of straw . which without any type of secondary structure. support the weight of the roof. This straw wall made with the supporting system is evidently more limited than its predecessors. Its design limits part of the construction of a house . such as its height and the placement of the facade. straw-house-systems Source Construire en paille Straw Austria WhatsApp Number Data Houses. CUT or CST System This straw construction technique combines wood and straw to build ecological and sustainable houses . These straw bales are not the main ecological material for the house. but rather a cladding element that covers the house.

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