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After all, the most important reason for a retail store to use the practice of visual merchandising is to seek inspiration from the buyer. Remember: you seek to display a product, drawing attention so that the consumer seeks to buy what he nes and also seeks to buy what he finds attractive.Angello. Context and in.  Chuquiruna invites you to venture into new challenges to test your professional potential. For Angello Chiquiruna, it was his vocation to be an entrepreneur, to contribute to the growth of business competitiveness and the economic development of the country, which meant the perfect dose of motivation to be able to study International Business and Administration at UPN .

Implement and Evaluate It

Our outstanding student has known how to navigate the professional journey such as being able to position myself as the top tenth of his career, in addition to entering b2b leads the School of Student Leaders , working in the Leader Monitor and Employability Counselor programs. It is his vocation to service that has allow him to be part of different volunteer projects such as being a leader in the digital collection Ponle Corazón and Asociación KP, and in parallel he works as a volunteer in the Liga Contra el Cancer institution.

Optimize Key Business

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Invite you to be open to new potential challenges and get out of your comfort zone” “during the university stage, a culture of constant learning and continuous development is forg that enriches our professional career. Context and in. In Gambling DAT that sense, i invite you to be open to new potential challenges and leave your comfort zone,” is the advice. That angello wants to give to his upn colleaguesthe general sales tax (igv) is a tax applicable to all commercial activities , carri out by a natural or legal person, recording the operations of: sale of goods, furniture, the provision or use of services, construction contracts, the first sale of real estate and the importation of goods that are carri out in our country.

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