Conduct exclusive interviews with industry experts

This influencer or expert content strategy is becoming more common. My team use it for an episode of the WritePodcast by interviewing conversion copywriting expert Joanna Wiebe. One of the quotes from the transcribe interview was feature as a backlink in Crazy Egg’s Guide to Conversion Copywriting. The best part The backlink phrase was “Explain conversion copywriting.” As a result. Conduct exclusive interviews with industry experts. When a searcher uses the phrase “explain conversion copywriting.” podcast interviews rank third and content that incorporates backlinks ranks first. 



Copywriting In addition to that high authority link. the interview generate 12 other links. That’s the power of Special Database industry expert interviews. 3. Create a custom infographic Visuals have long been a key component to creating engaging content. But you may not know their power to gain links. For example. this infographic from Search Engine Land provides an overview of SEO success factors. seo-success-factors The visual. which has its own page on the Search Engine Land site. garnere over 4.000 links and generate over 30.000 social shares. 


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EMcCoy. infographics are a great way to get backlinks. SEOClick to Tweet What do you think is at the top Gambling DAT of search engines for the high-value keyword “SEO success factors” seo-success-factors-google-answer-box That’s the easy answer. Search LandEngine’s periodic table will be displaye in Google AnswerBox. Hand-picke relevant content: 7 principles for creating great infographics 4. Participate in collaborative content marketing Collaborative content is a way to combine the expertise of other influencers in your field to create amazing content. Collaboration not only 

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