Condense Key Information

Rising social media platform, tiktok focuses on a more niche audience – ‘small businesses’ – in its release, shown below, but the headline shows the value or what they are offering immediately. It uses a new study to drive interest and includes a video – the very thing it’s famous for – in the body content. Tiktok press release tiktok press release free template to download press release template download now condense key information the point of a press release is to whet a journalist’s appetite. Avoid putting everything into the release, otherwise, if they follow up with you, there will be very little information to add! However, you also want to provide enough information so the outlet can run with it without contacting your company.

Ideally, your press release consists of 2-3 paragraphs

Ideally, your press release consists of 2-3 paragraphs and one of those should be a quote from the most relevant and informed (in this area) person in the business. If you have a pr department or agency, they can do the work for you. An effective strategy is to put the most important information first so this can be picked out straight away. Then follow that with accompanying (or less important) information to expand on your announcement. Bullet points are also helpful as they help journalists pick out pertinent information quickly. Including stats or figures is also a good idea as facts and figures are popular in the media and help to convey a message to an audience quickly. This example from meta uses ‘key takeaways’ to provide media with the most important points quickly. Facebook takeaway press release facebook takeaway press release another example below was to announce dmi’s partnership with neil patel digital in the creation of a new search marketing course

As you can see the opening paragraph focuses on the partnership itself

As you can see the opening paragraph focuses on the partnership itself and shows the benefit of it ‘building people’s careers’ followed by quotes from both parties. Dmi and neil patel press release dmi and neil patel press release become a world class digital marketer include a quote as touched on in the point above, you should include a quote in your press release. This will allow you to outline the reason/s behind your announcement and its importance to your audience and company. If you do not have a pr representative, then choose an individual in the business that’s best placed to speak about the content of your release.

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