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Choose Composable is important because currently more users are using mobile devices than fixed devices. Having a poor user experience on mobile devices can result in your site being rated negatively. Keep in mind that items are ranked based on mobile devices. Optimizing your website without opting for responsive templates will not help you gain better visibility. Page Loading Speed The loading time of a page determines whether users will read it or leave it before it loads. You have approximately seconds to do this so this is an important thing to do when you plan to optimize for a given website. You can check the loading speed of your website using the previously mentioned or you can use.

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If your loading is slow it’s worth considering a plugin like this. Colloquially these types of caching plugins save dynamic websites as static websites for faster display to users. This will allow you to significantly improve page load times. Plugins and System Special plugins (such as and ) make optimization very easy. You’ll find a lot of features in it. They usually replace several Photo Retouching other plugins you need for optimization. Choose one of them and make sure to configure it because installing them individually will not help you if you want to optimize effectively on your website. In the Optimization article I describe step by step what is configured and how to configure it so that the plugin can help you. There are tons of plugins on the market and I have only mentioned some of the most popular ones.

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Link Structure Is there anything else worth checking to ensure optimization leads to the best results? Links on your website should be readable by users and search engines. They must also indicate what is at a given address. Immediately after installation you Gam Bling Dat should go to the Settings Permalinks tab. The first option will be selected by default: This is quite difficult to read. I recommend changing it to: or . So the words used in the title will appear in the address. If it has the selected keyword it will also be included in the address. Use dashes as delimiters in . Additionally when you prepare a new subpage you will be given the option to manually correct the address after saving the sketch.

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