Santander announces shutdown of Conquista Limite

announces shutdown  Santander informed its In addition, customers via email of the end of the Conquiste Limite program. Which was offered with the aim of increasing the credit card limit through missions. The Conquer Limit will be In addition, discontinued on Moreover, August 31st and the news has discouraged users who took advantage of the missions to increase their limit more quickly. The In addition, bank also reported that, if you have performed the missions recently, the increase in the limit will be available within 30 days after the program is turned off.

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What is the Santander Conquest Limit? As  Conquiste Limite was a campaign with the aim of allowing the Santander credit card limit to be increased . The missions were made available on the bank’s app on a South Korea Phone Numbers List monthly basis . And customers Moreover, could also choose to carry out extra missions. In addition. Demonstration In addition, of the evolution of your limit was available when completing the missions to motivate users. It is worth mentioning that even .

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with the end of the program, Santander will continue to carry out monthly analyzes as usual to increase the limit of its customers. Conquiste Limite was just to speed up the process. Apply for a high limit credit card A great. In addition, option for those who Moreover, were In addition, saddened by the end of the challenges and want to have more limits on their credit card . Is to analyze Gamblingdat their financial life and choose a new one that best fits them. And anyone who thinks that only high-income cards can offer a good limit for their holders is wrong. With that in mind. Sseparated some indications of cards with great benefits and a personalized credit limit that don’t require high income.

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