Characteristics and types of Alicante Blinds

We all know the great aesthetic value that blinds or curtains offer in any room. In addition to the effectiveness they provide in stopping the entry of the sun’s rays. However, due to the number of advantages they present, in this content we focus our attention on talking about Alicante wood and PVC blinds . What characteristics does an. Alicantina Blind have? Source: The Alicante blind is a combination between. Venetian blind and the roller blind, since with the first it has in common the shape. And the slats, and with the second, the form of collection. These Alicante curtains have. Closed eyelets or rings at the top so that they can be placed on open hooks.

To climb them, you will only have to pull the rope

Fix it at the top with a simple knot at the desired height. The most innovative models integrate a holding brake that is located on the pulley. And that will be activated with a simple movement of the rope. This type of roller blind is perfect proof that classic. Products do not have to go out of style, but you just need to reinvent their design and give it a touch of Australia WhatsApp Number Data modernity. This is what the Alicante curtain. Manufacturers have done with the intention that users can protect their homes from light, the outside. Temperature and the entry of annoying insects. Due to the number of finishes and features it provides, both in exterior and interior spaces , even the most demanding clients opt for this type.

They are characterized by being very

Effective against inclement weather, luminosity and the incidence of the sun’s rays . In addition, you can purchase Alicantes with different measurements so that they fit perfectly in the place where you decide to put them. Its method of use is very simple, since the Alicante blinds are retracted using a rope that leaves it rolled up at the top. If you want to give a Bolivia Phone Number Data special and rustic atmosphere to any environment, no matter how sophisticated it may be, we advise you to opt for this model. Where to place Alicante curtains? As we have said, you can install your Alicante curtains both indoors and outdoors, whether on windows and doors or on balconies, fences or pergolas, among other examples.

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