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Choose contact methods with action button select the action you want. And facebook will create a button that will display at the top of your page. When visitors click the button. It will automatically direct them to the action you set up. Set up notifications there’s nothing worse than missing out on a quality lead because someone’s message got burie in your inbox. Stay on top of your lead generation by making sure your page notifications are turne on. Notifications can include everything from likes and comments to new messages in your inbox. If you want to take an extra step to ensure you engage with every message you receive. Set up automatic dms for when someone reaches out.

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An auto-reply lets people know that their message was seen and helps keep the conversation active before you can respond fully. It can also be a good way to answer common questions right out of the gate or direct someone to more information. To set up an automate message. Visit the meta business suite tab under your page menu. Once you’re on the meta business suite dashboard. Select inbox. Here.

You’ll see suggested business database automations and any automations you’ve already set up. Inbox automations let’s imagine you’re a busy agent who isn’t glue to facebook messenger all day. But you also don’t want to miss out on a potential lead that reaches out there. You can set up an instant reply that sends an automate response to someone as soon as they reach out.

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This automation allows you to create a custom reply that is triggere to send after someone sends their first message to you. Inbox eit automation instant reply setting up an auto-reply ensures the sender isn’t left on read. And removes the urgency for you to drop what you’re doing to respond. Instead. You have time to craft a more thoughtful response and prepare the next steps. 

Social media tool for real Gambling DAT estate grow. Create. Engage. Scheule. Publish. Measure. Win. Free 30-day trial how to generate real estate leads on facebook with your real estate page set up and optimize. It’s time to make the most out of your facebook presence by connecting with potential new clients. Here are a few ways to generate more leads on your real estate facebook page

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