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The information was scarce and was obtained from log files. A plain text document generated by the servers. which collected limited data on visitor interactions. Then, with the advancement in platforms and the development of new programming languages, more powerful tools appeared for analyzing user behavior on websites. One of those new tools emerged in november 2005: google analytics. This platform, which was born when google bought the company urchin software corp., was responsible for democratizing and popularizing web analytics in the world.

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With google analytics companies. Began to be interested in business database metrics and with these they learned what their actions. produced and the details of the audience that interacted with their website. Today, google analytics offers a huge amount of useful data for making decisions about digital ecosystems. In the tool, you can know the general behaviors of the users of a website, the main traffic sources and the type of user that comes from each of them, the most popular pages of the website and even the achievement of a business objective. However, there are spaces where.

Google analytics falls short and the

Google analytics falls short and the individualization. Of actions Gambling DAT is one of them. Learning how to use google builder is essential to obtain detailed metrics of your digital actions . So how can we complement the information that google analytics collects? In this free, simple to install and manage tool, it all comes down to creating an account and then inserting your code into all pages of the website. Once this is done, the administrator will begin to receive data on the platform’s consumption. With this, the generalities will be covered – even some particularities – but the measurement of some important micro details – such as the performance of a specific post on a social network – will not be available for analysis.

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